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» The Art of Acting by Tatiana Maslany

Posture (submitted by areyoutatiana)

Alison moves and stands restricted in a formal but reserved posture. As Tatiana mentioned in one of her interviews, she considers Alison to be a trained Ballerina, hence the posture and tightness .
Sarah is more relaxed and likes to lean on one leg, not giving a damn about things.
Cosima struts her stuff around. Tatiana mentioned that Cosima knows she is cute, and she likes to take advantage of that fact.
Helena hardly ever uses her hands (behind or front). They are always almost on her sides and she slouches - walking or standing, the introvert that she is

If you have noticed anymore, do message me.

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Let me tell you about the sheer brilliance that is Meryl Streep and her creation of Miranda Priestly.

Ask any young woman what her favourite film of Meryl’s would be, and I’m quite certain that The Devil Wears Prada would come up in conversation, favourite or not. And it may seem like a generic answer: oh, a film about fashion, so obviously women would identify with it. No, that’s not it. This film isn’t about fashion. This film, as Meryl says, “is a story about a woman at the head of a corporate ladder who’s misunderstood, who’s motives and pressures on her are intense and who doesn’t have time to play certain nice games.”

And though screentime and first bill casting can indicate that Andrea Sachs is the main character, who are you really left thinking about at the end of the film?

Miranda Priestly — the woman who was written as a fictional equivalent to Anna Wintour from the novelist Lauren Weisberger’s experience as her assistant — in the novel was a raging, two-dimensional boss from Hell written only to antagonize and complicate the lives of her employees with impossible standards and even more impossible demands. She was expected to resemble Vogue’s editor-in-chief (Miranda’s office in the film a near replica of Anna’s), so imagine everyone’s fucking surprise the first day Meryl showed up on set wearing an untested wig white as snow, with a voice that never raised, where the most deadly delivery was a whisper.

But this scene on the right, this scene that hadn’t existed until Meryl went and thought, “wait a minute, there’s an imbalance of character here…” so she brought it to light and this was written. Sparingly, as it was said, yet one of the very few scenes to be altered in the entire film. This is how it went: Meryl showed up to the scene without any make-up. She walked in, didn’t talk to anybody, sat down and did it, got up and left, went downstairs and waited. She did this scene once.



And the thing is, this wasn’t meant for you to suddenly cheer for Miranda; it was to show you that she was human and that her success came with a costly price that hurt her the most. She thawed the Snow Queen, extinguished the flames of the fiery boss from Hell and gave her what she never had on paper: substance.

If completely reinventing a character from a subpar novel by giving her actual character and successfully distinguishing her from the woman she was based on isn’t considered pure talent, then I don’t know what is.

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Most obvious veiled ex-lover’s spat conducted in public ever. 

Also, given that James adlibbed the Butterfingers part, I’m laying bets that sad Gaeta is actually AJ trying his damndest not to laugh. 

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“We had a theme for season 2. A little darker, a little more fractured. We wanted to explore the groups one at a time. It was getting a little summer-campy, and we wanted to address the realities that this is prison.” - Jenji Kohan

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Gwendoline Christie talks Jaime and Brienne ( x )

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Rizzoli or Isles
asked by ozmapolitan

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Game of Thrones Meme-Nine Characters (3/9)

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Damn those dress uniforms are snappy! I wish they wore them more often.

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the ‘Scully’ haircut through the seasons

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